Lime Global is a story of merging cultural values, which has evolved into a successful investment group.

Lime Global has grown organically through seeking quality and efficiency, where every business naturally feeds into one another.

We live and breathe the creation of communities and culture through our group of businesses spanning property development, start-up incubation and investment.


Imagine two rivers: one flows from the East, the other from the West. Where they converge, the confluence creates something new and special. That’s how the Lime Global story began.

When Lime founders and directors Jack Lin and Fred Rahme met, it was clear that they could realise some significant business opportunities together. But they also recognised in each other a shared passion for people and “zest for life.” Reflecting the joining of their families, the ‘Li’ from Lin and the ‘me’ from Rahme were joined and the ‘Lime’ brand was created.

Now a suite of profitable, independently operating businesses across the property development sector, this vertical integration ensures that the critical path of any project runs smoothly and success is assured.

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We live and breathe development, so it was only fitting to create a lifecycle of businesses that complement and intertwine with each other across the development sector.

We have invested strategically in a readily expanding scope of businesses as our need for services in the building and development sector grew. Lime’s businesses work together to create mutually beneficial, symbiotic business flows across the entire process, ensuring the critical path of any project runs smoothly and success is assured. This vertically integrated business lifecycle and our hand-picked team is one of the keys to Lime Global’s remarkable growth, strength and stability.

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The Lime brand has grown to be more than just a name. It’s an idea that describes the unique people-centred culture that runs through the family group of Lime businesses.

While our projects—and ambitions—are large in scale, Lime is equally committed to building a company that feels like family.

We’re immensely proud of what our people have achieved so far, and this is just the beginning. Our vision is to inspire real connection between people and create community in every project we undertake. We don’t sell that idea; we live it, we share it, and we walk the talk every day.


Jack Lin

CEO & Director, Lime Global

Guy Milburn

Chief Investment Officer, Lime Global

Fred Rahme

Director, Lime Global

Anton Summerfield

Development Director

Bob Nelson

Assistant Development Manager

Alan Edwards

Chairman and Director, Lime Living

Mark Sneddon

Director, Global Supply Solutions

Jo Caldwell

Director, Sublime Nursery

Nikki Begg

Accounts Administrator

Briar Topp

Executive Assistant

Anna Tabak

Sales & Office Administrator

Andréa Marshall

Marketing Manager

Kirstin Jenkinson

Senior Graphic Designer


As our project portfolio grows, so does the opportunity to invest in our company.

We are a company that offers so much more than an investment. Investing with Lime is investing into the Lime family fold, an environment with strong cultural values and a resolute determination in our vision. We are always open to chat about our business and investment opportunities. Our results speak for themselves.

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